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What They Were Saying After Joe Philbin Was Named The Dolphins Head Coach

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Some thoughts on Joe Philbin's departure - NFC North Blog - ESPN:

It's nice to see teams take notice of an assistant who is neither a self-promoter nor one whose qualifications are easily measured in public. | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog " Philbin made quick impression on McCarthy:

"You start personally with his character," he said. "He's a family man, a very respected individual on our staff. Professionally, I think he's an outstanding communicator. Very knowledgeable. Great work ethic.

"He had all the qualities that you're looking for."

Who could Packers promote from within? - JSOnline. Tyler Dunne runs down the remaining five offensive coaches on staff. I'm expecting the Packers will promote one of them to offensive coordinator. Even someone like quarterbacks coach Tom Clements, who's been interviewed for some head coaching jobs, would probably accept the promotion although he wouldn't call the plays. I think most organizations would feel better about hiring a new head coach who was an offensive coordinator currently instead of a position coach. Since the Packers offense should be just as good in 2012, it will help him look good again this time next year. He seems like the obvious choice.

But he isn't the only option. Edgar Bennett, James Campen, or Ben McAdoo could each deserve consideration too. Only Jerry Fontenot (RB coach) seems a bit too junior to receive such a promotion.