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Joe Philbin Is Introduced In Miami and Mike McCarthy Puts In A Good Word

Miami Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin - Packers Coach McCarthy Conference Call With Miami Media - The Phinsider. Mike McCarthy thinks very highly of Joe Philbin and believe his excellent communication skills will help him succeed as the Dolphins next head coach.

The hire seems to be drawing favorable reviews from Dolphin fans too. But he wasn't their first choice. They wanted to hire ex-Titans head coach Jeff Fisher. But I think they're a lot better off with a hard working first time head coach then the guy who didn't really want to be there.

Philbin will have complete control over his choice of coaches, but he won't be in charge of the personnel department. So he won't necessarily have Matt Flynn following him to Miami. But they're expected to have interest in signing or trading for him.

Just as Philbin was a hot coaching commodity this year, I expect Flynn will be discussed by many teams. For one example, the fans in Seattle are discussing him a lot for their starting job.