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Watching The NFC Championship Game

I'm not sure what San Francisco fans did, but losing a game because of Kyle Williams's fumbilitis is just cruel.
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I have to admit to dealing with some emotions. I turned the game on-and-off a few times before I was able to settle in and watch it. And when I did open my eyes, I saw an ugly NFC championship game.

22 punts (12 by the Giants, 10 by the 49ers). The Giants went 7 for 21 on 3rd down, which was awful, but the 49ers were an unbelievably bad 1 for 13. The 49ers defensive front seven was dominant (Eli Manning was under pressure the entire second half), and the 49ers offense was inept. In the end the Giants did what they've done during the playoff: they made a few big plays and they avoided turnovers.

Not only was WR Kyle Williams a disaster with two botched punt returns that led to 10 Giant points, but he was their starting wide receiver and ended the game with zero catches on four attempts. It wasn't any better for their other starting wide receiver, Michael Crabtree, who had 1 catch for 3 yards on five attempts. How could they only target TE Vernon Davis five times when he was their entire passing offense (3 for 112 yards and 2 TDs)? I know he's double-covered, but that shouldn't stop them since there wasn't a single wide receiver on the team worth throwing to. A lot will be made of the fact that Alex Smith isn't good enough to win, but that was a brutal performance by his wide receivers.