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Watching The AFC Championship Game

I didn't watch much of the AFC championship game. But that last minute drive by the Ravens in the fourth quarter showed why the Patriots might have a problem in the Super Bowl.

The Patriots put WR Julian Edelman on defense to cover WR Anquan Boldin, and Boldin had four receptions on the Ravens final drive. If they have to put Edelman on Boldin, he's probably going to be asked to cover Victor Cruz or Hakeem Nicks. That can't go well. Also, the Patriots weren't able to put much pressure on Joe Flacco, and the Ravens don't have a great offensive line. Tom Brady is going to have to win a shootout.

I felt really bad for former Badger (current Ravens) WR Lee Evans, who could've/should've caught a 14 yard touchdown pass to win it. Of course, no one should feel as bad Ravens K Billy Cundiff, who missed a 32 yard field goal attempt that would have tied it with 11 seconds left.