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When It's Time To Give The Packers Letter Grades

Green Bay Packers news | 2011 report card: Defense lets Packers down | Green Bay Press Gazette. I've been waiting for this article on the Green Bay Packers for a couple days now, and I was surprised by the harsh grades.

Looking on a curve, there's nothing wrong here. For example, the offensive line is ranked in the appropriate order with Wells (A-) first, then Bulaga (B), Sitton (B-), Lang (C+), and Newhouse (C). Based on their performances in 2011, I'd rank the offensive lineman in that order.

But I'm not sure what Bryan Bulaga did to earn only a B, other than to miss a couple games due to injury. And giving Aaron Rodgers only an A- seems harsh. What did he have to do to earn an A?

Beyond the low letter grades, there are a lot of interesting stats and other notes on every player, and it's well worth a read. I expect it'll be an article I refer back to over the next few months.