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What's Mike McCarthy Up To These Days?

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Mike McCarthy actually takes some time off from the Green Bay Packers during the year, but not right now. He goes into a little detail on The Mike Heller Show about his upcoming schedule. From Sports Radio Interviews:

Is free agency and the NFL draft the next two steps for the organization from a personnel standpoint?

Yes, as a staff our coaches have done evaluations on our current players. I will coach the Pro Bowl next week and then we’ll be back February 6th. We’ll start our scheme evaluation and going through every call that we’ve made this year and evaluate and start building the – basically start building the playbook for next year and we’ll start splitting our day between doing that – getting ready for the college draft and getting ready for our players to return in April.

I'd love to know the results of those player evaluations, but alas...McCarthy is obsessed with good fundamentals like blocking and tackling, so going back to evaluate every call sounds like no small task.

An expanded transcript, and a link to the audio interview, is at Sports Radio Interviews.