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An Interview With The Packers New Fourth String Quarterback

Railbird Central Podcast: Nick Hill Interview | Cheesehead TV. I thought it was a little surprising that the Green Bay Packers made a free agent signing right after their playoff loss. But they apparently saw something in Nick Hill, who they first had in for a workout back in 2010.

Mike McCarthy is already complaining about the "limits on the off-season program" so he probably wanted to get his young quarterback working as soon as possible. Never say never, but the Packers must not have been too impressed with the 2012 NFL QB draft class.

Brian Carriveau provided me with a transcript of the interview. He asked him about the upcoming free agency of Matt Flynn and whether it impacted his signing:

I think maybe a little bit. I think obviously they're going to have sign another quarterback if Matt decides to sign as a free agent somewhere else. But really all that kind of stuff is out of my control. They asked me to come in there. If there were six quarterbacks in there, I would be there.

Even he doesn't think the Packers will go finish the offseason with only him and Graham Harrell behind Aaron Rodgers. But it could happen. Here's some more on Hill from Cheesehead TV.