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Crunching Some Ugly Numbers For Packers CB Tramon Williams

How different was Tramon Williams in 2011? Gave up completions 56.5%, 5 TDs, 1,120 yards. 2010: 43.5%, 3TDs, 533 yards.
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Wow. I posted some solid numbers for Green Bay Packers CB Tramon Williams last week, but allowing twice the yards in fewer games demands a second look.

Previously I gave him some slack because there was a lot of confusion in the secondary for much of the season. One example that came to mind was Christian Ponder's 72 yard completion on the first play of the game. Williams appeared to be playing zone, and let Michael Jenkins run right down the sideline, but no deep safety came to pick him up. Was that Williams or Charlie Peprah who blew the coverage?

Also, a shoulder injury suffered during the opener against the Saints might have nagged him all season.

While the stats are ugly, he'll be better once his shoulder heals and Nick Collins returns. I'm not sure about Collins's return, but an upgrade over Peprah and more experience for Morgan Burnett (who still has the only turnover surrendered by the Giants in three postseason games) would help him too. The Packers should leave him in the same role next season, and they should see better results.