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The Vikings Will Be Playing At The Metrodome Site Forever

Vikings stadium: Metrodome site or bust - NFC North Blog - ESPN. With the Vikings dreams of a new stadium in Arden Hills dead, they've apparently been left with the only option that had little opposition: build a new stadium on the site of the existing Metrodome or whatever it is they call it.

I thought the threat of moving the Vikings to Los Angeles would get the Vikings a sweet deal, but apparently that threat isn't as real as it appears. The Vikings should have gotten Scott Boras to negotiate for them. He makes teams hand out mega-deals to free agents that don't seem to be going anywhere. (Did the Tigers have to give Fielder $214 million? Were they bidding against anybody or just themselves?)

So where will the Vikings play in 2012? Probably the Metrodome since the city of Minneapolis has nothing more than a "skimpy four-page outline" of a plan in hand. The Vikings might as well sign a one-year lease for the Metrodome in 2012 because it's going to be a while before this new stadium is built. They'll probably play in The Gopher Hole once construction begins. Of course, playing December football in that stadium is going to suck.

It looks like the Vikings blew it. Or maybe I should be impressed with the state of Minnesota's hard ball tactics that got them what they wanted and didn't cost them their NFL team.