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Packers TE Coach Ben McAdoo Could Be Promoted

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McCarthy's staff mostly intact in Hawaii - JSOnline. With the Green Bay Packers coaching staff in Honolulu for the 2012 Pro Bowl, it would seem that every coach except new Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin will return next season. It's assumed that QB coach Tom Clements would be promoted to offensive coordinator, but Tom Silverstein mentions Ben McAdoo as a "fast-riser" on the staff who didn't make the trip because of a personal matter.

So who is Ben McAdoo? The 35 year old tight ends coach has been with the team since 2006. He was a college coach in Pittsburgh (which is probably where Mike McCarthy heard about him) and he's followed McCarthy around since 2004.

He's certainly had some success with the Packers. He couldn't turn Bubba Franks's decline around (maybe an impossible task) but he helped Donald Lee become a quality receiver by 2007. Before that, Lee was thought of only as a blocker. And he's helped Jermichael Finley become a dangerous receiver.

McAdoo might be well so well regarded that he'd could be named the Packers offensive coordinator, but it's more likely that he'd take over as QB coach for Clements. However, Philbin could believe that McAdoo would make a great offensive coordinator, though former Packers head coach Mike Sherman appears to be the leading candidate. Philbin was originally hired by Sherman, and was kept on after McCarthy was hired in 2006.