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Aaron Rodgers Talks In Support of Tom Clements

Green Bay Packers news | Rodgers sees Flynn with Dolphins or Seahawks, wants Clements promoted | Green Bay Press Gazette. I don't think there's any big revelations here from Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. I think the Dolphins and Seahawks make the most sense for Matt Flynn, but we don't really know how strong their interest will be.

In the past, I didn't think his public comments had much effect on the team's decisions. But after he spoke out publicly in support of re-signing James Jones last summer, Jones ended up back with the Packers. Now I think his opinion has some pull with the organization, certainly more than an average player. So his support of Tom Clements will certainly play some role as to whether he becomes the offensive coordinator.

Gregg Rosenthal thought these comments on Flynn rose to the level of tampering, but I would think the comments would have to come from the Dolphins or the Seahawks themselves.