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The Bears Hired A New GM Over The Weekend

Bears Hire Phil Emery To Be New GM - After nearly a month long search, the Chicago Bears hired a new GM: Phil Emery. He's been the director of college scouting for the Falcons (2004-2008) and most recently with the Chiefs (2008-2011), and their fans don't seem too upset about his departure. Prior to 2004, he was a scout for the Bears, and that connection probably helped during the interview process.

His name hasn't circulated in GM rumors this offseason, and not even his peers at the Senior Bowl believed he was going to take over the Bears. So it probably came as a surprise to some.

Kevin Seifert compared the hire to that of Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson. That might sound unlikely, but it's all up to Emery to prove it. Former GM Jerry Angelo hadn't delivered much young talent in recent drafts, and I would expect that the Chiefs success in scouting young players like RB Jamaal Charles in recent years was of interest to the Bears.

He came across during the interviews as someone with a plan who can command a room. The Bears appear to have the man they wanted, but it will take a couple years before we can tell whether it was the right decision.