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Super Bowl 46: The Patriots O-Line and Julian Edelman

There are times that I still can't believe the Green Bay Packers aren't in the Super Bowl, but they had their shot and either the Patriots or Giants will hoist the Lombardi Trophy next Sunday.

Super Bowl 2012, Key Matchup: Giants Defensive Line Vs. Patriots Offensive Line - Big Blue View. They have a rookie right tackle, but otherwise there's a lot of experience up front. Unless DE Jason Pierre-Paul can take over the game, the Giants may have to get creative with their pass rush. I can't see the possible return of oft-injured RT Sebastian Vollmer giving the Patriots much of a boost.

Super Bowl XLVI: Do You Trust Edelman in the Slot? - Pats Pulpit. The AFC lined up with Steelers WR Antonio Brown in coverage against Larry Fitzgerald during the Pro Bowl, and Fitzgerald easily scored a touchdown against him. The Patriots may do the same with Julian Edelman against one of the Giants top receivers, but they'll do it in the Super Bowl. He was lined up against Anquan Boldin in the AFC Championship game and Boldin easily got separation from him. In a poll at Pats Pulpit, Edelman comes in second place as their best option in the nickel. The guy in first place was signed off the Raiders practice squad a couple months ago.