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Making The Tackles: The Packers Safeties In 2011

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2011 Tackling: The Safeties | This article is from last week, but it mentions both of the Green Bay Packers starting safeties. And in a good way.

Mike McCarthy is a coach who harps on the fundamentals, and it shows in these rankings. While S Charlie Peprah left something to be desired in coverage, he only missed two tackles after the catch. Unfortunately this list is probably for the regular season, and excludes the missed one on Hakeem Nicks. S Morgan Burnett finished in the top 20 overall in tackle efficiency among safeties.

And Burnett was even handicapped by a cast on his hand that he wore for most of the season. The picture above was from his first game after he broke his hand, and it was huge. It shrunk from week to week as his hand healed.

This doesn't excuse last season because this article doesn't have anything to do with their ability to cover a receiver. I'm still looking at the safety position as one of the biggest areas of need this offseason, assuming Nick Collins is unable to return. But making tackles was something, in general, they did pretty well.