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Aaron Rodgers On The Lack Of Effort In The Pro Bowl

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Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers says NFC Pro Bowlers 'embarrassed themselves' - ESPN. He didn't name names, but he realized that the boos started early in the game. Since QB coach Tom Clements was calling the plays, I'm sure he knew when an NFC player didn't know the play. He called out "some of the guys on the NFC side" but both sides were taking it easy.

The one play that really stood out was in the first quarter. On a handoff to LeSean McCoy, he got the ball and all the offensive and defensive lineman just stood up and shuffled their feet. It was like a walk through drill in practice, and not a live play in pads. The boo birds were out afterwards.

On his second touchdown pass, Darrelle Revis was in coverage against Larry Fitzgerald. Revis overran the play and he didn't seem too interested in taking Fitzgerald on. But everything was much different in the second half, especially when Cam Newton was in the game. Revis in particular was in the face of every receiver, and he ended the day with two pass defenses.

I'm sure most people don't care, but it's interesting how Rodgers takes pride in what he does even when the results don't much matter.