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Reggie McKenzie Will Interview With The Oakland Raiders

Reggie McKenzie to interview with Raiders Wednesday | ProFootballTalk. What would happen if Reggie McKenzie left the Green Bay Packers and took over in Oakland? I'm not exactly sure, but as Director of Football Operations, he's the head of the player personnel department and his loss would be felt. It's also mentioned that Ron Wolf's son, Eliot Wolf, could follow McKenzie out the door.

The situation in Oakland was always volatile under Al Davis, and it remains so. Unsurprisingly, there's a power vacuum now that Davis is gone, and it looks like head coach Hue Jackson is attempting to fill the void. It might not be a good situation if Jackson could veto his decisions, or force through another short sighted Carson Palmer type of trade.

The alternative for McKenzie might be to wait his turn in Green Bay. GM Ted Thompson is signed through 2015, but by then he'll be 63 years old and he might want to retire. He seemed a little reluctant to extend his contract through 2015. Remember, former GM Ron Wolf abruptly retired in 2001 once he got fed up with the constant traveling and demands of the job. McKenzie would be the top name to replace him.

The interview is well deserved, the personnel department has been great under McKenzie, and I wouldn't be surprised if other teams are interested in him too. This might only be the first time we read about McKenzie in 2012.