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Wild Card Preview: Falcons at Giants

While the Saints are heavy favorites on Saturday night, the Giants are only 3 point favorites as they host the Falcons on Sunday afternoon. Here are their team stats from Football Outsiders:

Falcons Giants
Pass Offense 8 4
Pass Defense 10 21
Run Offense 25 20
Run Defense 3 19
Special Teams 22 16

While both teams are known for having a strong run game, that's not the case this season. Falcons RB Michael Turner isn't having his best season. But the Giants are having trouble stopping anyone's rushing attack. It looks like both teams will have to rely on their passing attack, While the Giants pass offense is better, the Falcons pass defense has played well overall.

The Falcons have been averaging 25 points per game, and that seems like a reasonable goal. However, the Giants averaged 25 points per game too, and they've scored 29 or more in four of their last five games. Unfortunately, just like the odds makers, I don't know who's going to win this game. I like the Falcons to win, but the Giants have enough big play ability that I might be eating those words come Sunday.