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Rodgers and Woodson Named First Team All-Pro, John Kuhn Named Second Team

AP All-Pro First Team Includes Aaron Rodgers; Drew Brees On Second Team - Green Bay Packers FB John Kuhn made the second team All-Pro because he scored six touchdowns on the season (which is pretty impressive for a full back).

Aaron Rodgers and Charles Woodson were named first team All-Pro. Rodgers has just completed the best regular season of his NFL career. Woodson is still a big-time playmaker and a leader on the defense, but his selection was all about his league leading seven interceptions.

According to Pro Football Talk, there were a few other players who received votes. Jordy Nelson, Bryan Bulaga, Scott Wells, B.J. Raji, and Clay Matthews.

However Matthews is a good case for why this popularity contest is focused too much on the glamorous stats. He was named first team All-Pro in 2010 because he had 13.5 sacks. In 2011 he only had 6 sacks, but he was just as disruptive as a pass rusher. He even improved in other areas with 3 forced fumbles (2 in 2010), 3 interceptions (1 in 2010), and 9 pass defenses (4 in 2010). While not everyone ahead of him at outside linebacker had more recorded stats in those three categories, he had half as many sacks as the four guys ahead of him. While Suggs and Ware each received over 40 votes, Matthews only had 2 votes, which was one more vote than Raji received.