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Giant Memories: Looking At The Packers Win Over The Giants Back In December

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Mike McCarthy: "I Thought It Was Awesome" - Acme Packing Company. When the Green Bay Packers beat the Giants back in December, it was a game where the team who had the ball last won it. The Packers had the final possession, ran the two minute drill to perfection, and Mason Crosby kicked the game winning field goal.

Before that final drive, what I remember was that Aaron Rodgers had little help. His receivers were dropping passes, and the defense was awful. LT Marshall Newhouse was absolutely destroyed by DE Jason Pierre-Paul, and it makes the switch to the now healthy LT Chad Clifton seem like a very good idea.

As a team, it was one of their worst games, and only a great game from Rodgers got them the win. If his teammates show up next weekend as they usually do at home, then they'll be a much better team than the one that escaped New York with a 3 point victory a few weeks back.