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Saints vs. Packers: MVP Of The Week

A win is a win....right? Despite a sloppy second half that nearly let the Saints pull away with the win, there are some individual performances to note on victory Monday.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

There was plenty of good and bad in Sunday’s game against the Saints, but the most important part is that the Packers came away with a win. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was any sort of defining win, but so far when the team has needed to pull out a "W" they have been able to. This is another one of those games where I’m pretty sure who is going to get the nod for the honor and glory this week, but I’ll give you three options anyway for the sake of debate….

WR James Jones – You know his trade value is never going to be higher than right now….just sayin’. Jones had two touchdown receptions and a critical (and crazy) catch at the end of the game to put everything on ice. Great individual game by him. I’m actually hard pressed to think of a better game that he has put together as a Packer to be honest with all of you.

CB Tramon Williams – The pass defense was bad, yes, but Williams had a pretty good game all things considering. He broke up many Drew Brees passes with textbook perfect coverage. He also should have had an interception that would of allowed the Packers to put the game away without a miracle ending if Morgan Burnett had listened to the "I got it" system of communication. Williams is back on track to become of the better CB’s in the game right now and the funny thing is that he’s doing it without many people noticing.

QB Aaron Rodgers – This is the first time Rodgers is appearing on this list this season. I could tell you to vote for him because he put up great stats for the game (31/41 319 yards 4 TD’s 1 INT). I could appeal to your reason and say that most of the reason Jones was able to shine was due to some tough play by Rodgers in buying him time and making the right reads. Instead though, I’m going to say that Rodgers should get this because him being on the field keep Graham Harrell far away from the field. Unfair? Maybe, but one play and one turnover that nearly cost the Packers the game….that shouldn't be ignored.

RB Cedric Benson - Another week and another strong Benson performance. This week is' 18 rushes for 84 yards. Wouldn't it be interesting to see what this Packer offense could look like if Benson actually got 25-30 touches?