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Saints vs. Packers: Dud Of The Week

When a win feels like a loss it's not too hard to find a dud of the week.

Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Sometimes a win feel like loss. I think that’s how much of the follow up is going to be this week with the chants of "Fire Capers" still ringing after the Packers won an ugly game on Sunday. It took a miracle finish with the opposing kicker missing a game winning kick after two penalties (one on the Saints and one on the Packers) as well as a sick catch by James Jones. Considering how the Packers played in the first half, it shouldn't of come down to that….

So who is to blame for the second half meltdown that happened? Let’s start by pointing the finger at these guys….

Sam Shields – I can’t say he played an all around terrible game, but it did seem like every big play was heading his way. Shields blew the coverage on the big touchdown in the first half. Shields seemed to let Marques Colston get the better of him. Shields allowed catch after catch, typically being one step behind. He’s still tackling well so there’s that.

Graham Harrell – I just couldn't pass this up. I feel bad for the guy to be honest, but he’s still got to prove that he can be trusted to run an offense if the worst should happen. The worst did happen for one play against the Saints and on the one play the Packers had to be without Aaron Rodgers Harrell tripped on an offensive lineman and fumbled blowing a nice long drive and nearly costing the Packers the game. It was the worst nightmare for all Packer fans calling for his head during the preseason.

Morgan Burnett – Burnett is in an odd spot in my mind for the defense, and that’s why he’s ending up here. I can’t say that he’s the single reason the Packers defense was just awful through the second half….then again I can’t point to anything he’s done right either. Now most of the Packers defenders had a couple great moments on Sunday….heck, even C.J. Wilson got a sack. Shields tackled well….Woodson made some plays…..D.J. Smith blew his share of coverages but also made some plays in the passing game as well. Burnett though? Nothing. He was involved in that blown coverage for the TD, but I can’t say it’s his fault since Shields was the one called to talk to Capers like he was sent to the principal’s office. Burnett blew William’s shot at picking off a tipped pass late in the game to help the Packers lock things up, but then again those sorts of plays happen. Really, Burnett lands here because he was outplayed for the third week by Jerron McMillian. This shouldn't happen and it might show that Burnett is never grow into the player many of us were hoping he would be. Good, solid, not ever great….which is a shame.

B.J. Raji - Raji gave us all a nice 2011 flashback by disappearing for most of the game. When he did get into the spotlight it was for unnecessary rough penalties that nearly gave the Saints an extra touchdown. I know it may have been a phantom call, but it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't but just not caught by Fox's cameras. With or without the penalty though he lands on our list of potential duds for his rather invisible day.