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Trying to stay optimistic: The Green Bay Packers' young players are improving

The sky is not falling on the Green Bay Packers.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

There's a prevailing 'the sky is falling' attitude around Packerland right now, and mostly for good reason. Losing to the Colts is bad. Giving up eight sacks in a half against the Seahawks is bad. The Green Bay Packers, if they were anywhere near as good as the 2010 or 2011 editions of the team, would be 4-1 and on top of the NFC North right now. This year's edition of the Packers simply isn't that good.

We can spend a lot of time and a lot of words discussing why that's the case, but there are a lot of things worth getting excited about in regards to the young players on the team. Even though the Packers as a whole -- coaching staff included -- aren't getting the job done at the moment, there's too much anger 'round these parts at the moment, and everyone needs to find something to be happy about.

In the Colts game, 22-year-old Randall Cobb had four receptions for 82 yards and a touchdown. 24-year-old Alex Green had a 41-yard rush. 23-year-old Casey Hayward contributed positively throughout the game and had an excellent interception. 23-year-old D.J. Smith was effective as a blitzer and probably had his best game of the year. 22-year-old Nick Perry racked up another sack and looks like a more complete player with each game.

Yes, Cedric Benson's injury is a huge blow. Yes, Aaron Rodgers needs to play better, and absolutely 100 percent yes, the offensive line needs to give him more time. But before you go on a tirade about how the Packers are in the toilet and need to be blown up in any way, shape or form, think about the performances that we've seen from the members of the team who aren't even 25 yet. There's plenty to be optimistic about.

Did we get past Mike Sherman's worst year? Mike McCarthy's losing season? The Ray Rhodes year? Yes? Then we'll get past this.

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