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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for October 11, 2012

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on Aaron Rodgers' confidence, Jermichael Finley's injury, and Bryan Bulaga's mystery struggles.

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Happy Thursday, ladies and gentlemen. There's football on tonight, but I use that term loosely, seeing as the Tennessee Titans have only resembled a football team for about one-quarter of the time they've been on the field this season. I'm hoping that the Steelers can go up by two scores quickly so I can switch to the Vice Presidential debate. Not because I'm into politics, but because Paul Ryan and Joe Biden are funny. Here's your daily dose of Green Bay Packers news and links.

Rodgers says he's lost no confidence |

And really, why should he? His QB rating is still 97.0, and it would be in the triple digits if Bryan Bulaga and Jeff Saturday were playing at their talent level.

Packers' Alex Green sees opening after Benson injury | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

I'm optimistic that Green can have a solid game against the Texans. We'll be doing some writing about him shortly.

What the Heck is Wrong with Bryan Bulaga? | Jersey Al's

Is this going to be one of those things where we find out in February that he played injured all year?

Finley promises to play in return home to Texas | ESPN Wisconsin

U mad, Finley haters?

More from around SB Nation

NFL picks Week 6: Browns first win will come this weekend | SB Nation

If that Packers-Texans pick comes true, it'll be worse than a blowout.

Brian Urlacher says "I've been a spectator this year" | Windy City Gridiron

WCG went to a Nike function and got to speak to some Bears players.

Reason To Celebrate: Five Wins, Zero Losses | Battle Red Blog

Everyone's pretty down about the Cushing injury, but obviously the Texans have a lot to be happy about.

Christian Ponder Shows His Resilience | Daily Norseman

It's a long season (and career), but ... yeah, we were all wrong.

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