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Packers vs. Rams: MVP Of The Week

All logic would say that it's a two horse race between Randall Cobb and Aaron Rodgers...but could two unexpected candidates steal the show? Well, probably not but they deserve some recognition.

David Welker

Aaron Rodgers is right, it’s hard to write about a team that’s winning…..but when that team is the Packers it's more for me to write about too. The Packers scored another impressive win this week and now they are starting to look like the team that we were expecting coming into the year. The defense played solid. The offense was lights out. Aaron Rodgers was amazing. So much more good than bad to talk about this week so let’s kick it all off with a look at our nominees for MVP of the week…

QB Aaron Rodgers. I’ll be shocked if he’s not winning this poll. Shocked. Seriously, the dude at one point was 20/22 with a TD. One of those incompletions was a spike to stop the clock. Yeah…that’s pretty good. I really don’t know what else to say other than he was amazing again…which is about what we expect out of Rodgers.

WR Randall Cobb. If Rodgers doesn’t win then it’s got to be Cobb who is the MVP. He had eight receptions for 89 yards and two touchdowns. He also had a 19 yard run. He also had a decent 23 yard return. I’m not sure how much more Cobb can be expected to do for the Packers. Really Cobb is a bit like Liam Neeson in Taken. He’s a man with a particular set of skills, and the Packers have found a way to use those skills with letting him come out of the backfield, lining up wide, quick strikes and deep patterns. It will be very interesting to see how defenses try to stop the Packers once Jennings gets back with Cobb and Nelson tearing things up right now and Jones showing what he can do.

CB Casey Hayward. Another week, another pick. Hayward entered this week with a target on his back. It was clear early on that Sam Bradford was going to pick on the rookie until he proved that he could stop the passes headed his way. There was a bit of struggling early, but by the end of the first half he was shutting down the pass and late in the third quarter he racked up his fourth pick of the year. He now leads the defense in interceptions by the way. If he can keep this up two things are going to happen….1.) the team will miss Sam Shields much less and 2.) he will be a strong contender for defensive rookie of the year. Who knew that Hayward would be the most talked about rookie of our first three picks of the draft….especially after the pretty decent start Nick Perry and Jerel Worthy have had so far.

K Mason Crosby. It’s not often that a kicker makes it on this list. Even rarer for the kicker to make it if he missed a kick that day. Despite that miss, Crosby turned in a good day. He was 3/4 with a long of 48. The one he missed was a 58 yarder (hardly a chip shot). He also turned the tide early with a beautiful onside kick. If Crosby doesn’t hit that ball that high and far, Jarrett Bush doesn’t come in with a vicious hit on Trumaine Johnson and the Packers probably don’t recover that ball. Special teams trickiness has turned the tide more than once this season and this week Crosby was a big reason for that working.

Honorable Mentions

WR Jordy Nelson. Tough to make a choice between Cobb and Nelson for who was the better receiver. Cobb had more TD's with two to Nelson's one. Nelson had more yards (122) than Cobb (89). Both were tearing it a very good Rams secondary. Where Cobb gets the nomination and Nelson gets the honorable mention comes in the variety of ways Cobb was used.

LB A.J. Hawk. Hawk was a bit quiet but solid today. The middle of the field was not as exploited as it has been in the past with the passing game, but the Rams were able to run the ball pretty well. All in all, a solid game but not quite enough to get named with with the rest of guys up top.