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Packers vs. Rams: Dud Of The Week

Not many bad things to say about the Packers performance this week. They won on offense, defense, and special teams. That said there are a few players who stood out in a wrong way and they are nominated for Dud of the Week.

David Welker

Last week one of the more common complaints was that I was reaching for people to name. Believe it or not I actually rather liked that complaint, mostly because it was a sign of how well the Packers played overall. I’m going to warn you now, the Packers played a pretty complete game, thus there are going to be a few players listed here that you may consider a reach. It’s just the way this particular piece rolls.

That said let’s meet the nominees….

RB Alex Green. I don’t have high expectations for the running game. If a running back gets 20+ carries and 3ish yards per carry I’m cool. A running back getting going 20 carries for 35 yards? That’s not good enough, not by a long shot. Now tempering this nomination is the work that Green did in the passing game. He was a reliable target in check downs and screens throughout the second half and had 4 receptions for 29 yards. He also was pretty decent at blocking. Coming into the year (and last year) Green was expected to be the third down back and be an option out of the backfield primarily. He’s done that, but come on Alex….you need to have a higher rush per carry.

LG T.J. Lang. Lang didn’t have a good game….Michael Brockers basically owned him through the first half. Brockers owned him in the run game. Brockers owned him in the passing game. It was ugly. Lang slowly get better as the game went on, but this is the second week in a row where we’ve seen Lang getting pushed around… and worse, getting pushed backwards.

LB Erik Walden. Before anyone says it in the comments, yes I know Walden led the team with eight tackles. Yes, he did get a sack. That’s all well nice and good, but let’s be honest about his performance. It wasn’t that great. During the first half the Rams moved the ball up and down the field and mostly did so by attacking Walden’s side of the field. So often it was Walden who was giving up plays of four to six yards at a pop…and that’s why he has so many tackles. Really, and most damning for Walden, it just reminded me of his play from last year….lots of "meh" and generally pretty soft. Nick Perry can’t get healthy fast enough for me.