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Packers vs. Rams: Working Class Hero Of The Week

It wasn't perfect and it wasn't always pretty, but Marshall Newhouse was able to shut down Robert Quinn for most of the day today allowing Aaron Rodgers to put together a passing clinic.


Another win, another working class hero. This week I’m going to test the waters a bit and go with a guy who didn’t win every battle in the trenches today, but he did win his war….and really that’s what is important here isn’t it?

Marshall Newhouse had a tough test coming into this week drawing the up and coming Robert Quinn. Quinn is the type of pass rusher that has given Newhouse fits since taking the starting position. Quinn is fast and strong and able to get that edge before Newhouse can really settle in. Early on it looked like it might be a long day for Newhouse that side, giving up a sack to Quinn on the Packers’ first position. After that though Newhouse was able to settle in and hang tough. The rest of the day Quinn had only one more tackle. That’s pretty darn good.

The offensive line had its ups and downs through the day, but the play of Newhouse for 90% of the game was the reason why Rodgers was able to have a clean pocket more times than not. More importantly, it allowed help to be shifted over to the right side where Bryan Bulaga had a tough game against Chris Long.

It wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t pretty, but Newhouse got the job done today. That’s why he’s this week’s working class hero of the week.

Honorable mention: Ryan Pickett

I may just keep Pickett’s name around this award every week until B.J. Raji comes back. The 3-4 defense can’t function unless there is a NT who is able to soak up two blockers and stand his ground. So far the Packers have been without Raji, our starting NT, for two weeks. Both of those weeks Pickett has filled in. Both of those weeks he has done his job as well as can be expected. This week there were a few more holes opening in the running game and the defense was not as stout as it probably could have been, but when it matter the line held and Pickett is a big reason behind that.