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Charles Woodson Reportedly Out For Six Weeks

Jay Glazer is reporting that Charles Woodson will be out for six weeks. Will this be a devastating blow for the Packers defense or does the team have the young talent to compensate?


What is probably a nightmare for many Packer fans is coming to pass. Jay Glazer is reporting that Charles Woodson has a broken collarbone and will be out for six weeks. Woodson has been a key part of the Packers defense since he came to town from the Oakland Raiders and has been the heart and soul of the defense since the switch to the 3-4. It has been Woodson’s unique abilities to tackle, play the run, blitz, and cover that has allowed the Packers to use so many exotic packages. This doesn’t even take into account his ability to strip the football and create turnovers.

The good news for Packers fans though is that the secondary has never looked deeper for the Packers. Right now Jerron McMillian has been playing at a high level (as uofmike has pointed out so well recently). Sam Shields has upped his game. Tramon Williams is back to being one of the better corners in the league. Davon House has returned healthy and put in a solid game against the Rams. Best of all, Casey Hayward has been shining the last month and now leads the team in interceptions. Throw in some solid play from Morgan Burnett and the Packers may yet be able to weather this injury.

This is bad news for the Packers despite this optimism. It will be interesting to see how the Packers adjust to this latest, and potentially devastating injury.