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Packers-Jaguars Series History

A brief rundown of the series history between the Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Mike Ehrmann

It's Tuesday, and that means it's time for another Packers series history post. Today I will be covering the Packers' history against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars were one of two teams who joined the NFL in the 1995 season (the other being the Carolina Panthers) and the Jaguars and Packers have played four times over the years. Currently, the series is a 2-2 deadlock, but the Packers have scored ten more points than the Jaguars in this series.

In 1995, the Jaguars were a newcomer to the NFL. The Packers went into Jacksonville and defeated the Jaguars 24-14 behind Favre and the defense as the Packers became among the NFL's elite over the next few years.

The 2001 game may be the most memorable in the series. Favre and Mark Brunell both threw for over 300 yards in this game, but the Jaguars scored early and often. Midway through the third quarter, Jacksonville led 21-7. The Packers fought back, however, tying the game at 21-21 going into the fourth quarter. Early on in the fourth, neither team could crack the end zone. Finally, with just a few minutes to play, the Packers started driving. Favre scampered around left end for the game-winning touchdown. This score held up as the Packers sacked Brunell on the ensuing Jaguars drive, and recovered Brunell's fumble on the play.

In 2004, the Jaguars went into Green Bay late in the season. The Packers desperately needed a win to forge ahead in the NFC North race, and a late-season game against a warm-weather team seemed to be what the Packers needed to get on track (the previous week saw an ugly 16-13 win over the Lions in bitter cold). The Jaguars and Fred Taylor, however, had other ideas. Taylor ran for 152 yards, and Byron Leftwich threw two touchdown passes. The Packers fought back, with Darren Sharper scoring on a bizarre play when he knocked the ball out of a Jacksonville lineman's hand and ran the fumble in for a touchdown. Late in the game, though, the Jaguars led 28-25. The Packers attempted to drive, but Robert Ferguson was hit midair by a Jaguars defender, who was ejected. The Packers comeback didn't work, and Green Bay lost 28-25 at home.

In 2008, the Packers went to Jacksonville again in Aaron Rodgers' first year as Packers starter. The Packers took a 13-7 halftime lead and the score remained unchanged going into the fourth quarter. However, the Jaguars scored a touchdown, which gave them a 14-13 lead. The Packers answered with a field goal to go up 16-14, but the defense (continuing a late-season trend in 2008) again gave up the lead and the Jaguars won 20-16.

What are your memories of the Packers playing the Jaguars?