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Jaguars vs. Packers Key Match Up #2: Alex Green vs. Paul Posluszny

At some point the Packers are going to need to put together a four minute offense to put this game away. Is Alex Green up for the task?

David Welker

A funny thing happens when the Packers jump out to a big lead. At some point coach McCarthy calls the dogs off and packs up the offense. At this point we don’t necessarily see the backup quarterback come into the game, but we do see a dramatic change in the offense. From the high flying passing attack the Packers suddenly become a ground and pound team. This has met with mixed results.

On one hand it’s understandable why the Packers do this. At some point when you have a nice lead it’s important to turn it over to the run game and just kill the clock and break your opponent’s will. It’s a very nice thought in theory, but the problem is that the Packers don’t really have a running back that can do that right now.

Enter Alex Green. Green is coming off a pretty bad game. Now we have had discussions over whether that is the result of the offensive line or Green himself, but the bottom line is that the running game was bad. It was good that the coaching staff stuck with it…but that faith didn’t exactly produce much. This week’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars is a perfect time for Green to learn from those mistakes and gain some confidence though. If he can help the Packers run the four minute offense all the better.

The main person standing in the way of Green’s success this week is middle linebacker Paul Posluszny. Posluszny is not exactly a big name player, but he is a solid defender who leads the Jaguars in solo tackles with 41 and is tied for the team lead in total tackles with 51. More to the point, the Packers like to attack the middle of the field with their running game and that’s going to be the middle linebackers role to stop in just about every defense that you can draw up.

The good news for Green and the Packers is that the Jaguars are not a very good run defense. Currently they are giving up 4.4 yards a carry and a 147.3 yards a game which ranks them about 29th in the league for rush defense. The bad news is that, outside of Josh Sitton, none of the Packer offensive linemen have turned in a consistent performance this year. If the Packers can handle Posluszny and the interior linemen of the Jags (featuring former first round pick Tyson Alualu) then we may see something that has not been since early 2010….a successful four minute drill by a Packers offense.