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Report: Greg Jennings May Have Surgery

Multiple sources are reporting that Greg Jennings may undergo sport hernia surgery. What does this mean for the Packers and Jennings' quest for a new contract?

Jim Prisching

The saga of Greg Jennings injury continues. What once was a simple groin injury is now looking to be something a bit more. You may recall seeing some reports that Jennings was looking for a second opinion on the injury since it has not been healing….well it looks like surgery is on the table now.

This was revealed recently by Mike McCarthy during a radio interview. If surgery is an option then the injury maybe more than your run of the mill groin injury and in fact could be a sport hernia. This would explain why simple rest has not been getting the job done.

The good news is that Jennings would not be done for the season if he undergoes the surgery. The bad news is that if he did go through the surgery it would be a few more weeks until Jennings is healthy enough to get back and contribute.

This couldn't be worse timing for Jennings who is in a contract year. The Packers have been reluctant to sign him to a big money long term deal, and many of his teammates have given the hint that the Packers may be looking to move on. If Jennings is trying to get one last big pay day before getting on the wrong side of 30, a nagging injury like this is not going to help his cause.