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Signs Point To Sherrod Heading To Injured Reserve While Zombo And Quarless Return

I have good news and bad news before we get into gameday coverage. Good news is that the Packers made a good signing to a critical part of our special teams unit. Bad news is that it looks like Derek Sherrod is heading to injured reserve.

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Here are a couple of quick news notes for all of you before we start to get to gameday coverage here at APC. Really this is good news and bad news. Everyone I know likes to start with the bad news so let’s start there….

BAD NEWS: Derek Sherrod looks destined for IR

Bob McGinn noted on Friday things aren't looking good for Sherrod to be a contributor this year for the Packers. Coach McCarthy noted that Sherrod is not ready to participate yet, which probably means that he’s moving to IR. Moral of the story? You’re going to have to get used to Marshall Newhouse and Bryan Bulaga cause that’s what we’ve got this year for better or worse….reinforcements are probably not on their way.

GOOD NEWS: Frank Zombo and Andrew Quarless look like they can come back

In the same article there was a minor bit of good news, Zombo and Quarless do look ready to come back and contribute. According to McCarthy (via McGinn) Zombo has looked very good in practice. This is good news with the Packers trying to recover from the injury to Nick Perry. It will be interesting to see how Zombo can get into the mix with Erik Walden having an improved year over last year and Dezman Moses looking pretty good in his snaps as well.

Quarless too will be an interesting fit. Last year he appeared to be the most well rounded of the tight ends. He was a better blocker than Jermichael Finley and had more of an athletic upside than Tom Crabtree or Ryan Taylor. He’s also two inches taller than D.J. Williams. It will be good to have him back with the limited options the Packers currently have due to injuries. That said, his particular knee injury may take a bit longer to get totally right and so expectations are best kept low in this case.

MORE GOOD NEWS: The Packers sign Brett Goode to extension

So one of the major issues floating in the backdrop to this season has been three or four major contracts that need to be reworked. Yes, B.J. Raji, Clay Matthews, Aaron Rodgers, and Greg Jennings will all need to have their contracts looked at and the Packers have some room to make at least one of those deals done this year. So who expected the Packers to get Goode done before any of those guys? Not me.

It’s not too surprising given that Goode’s contract is very affordable and that every team needs a reliable long snapper. It’s not a position that draws much attention, but you are in a world of hurt if you don’t have a long snapper you can count on. Good(e) signing.

Now, on to football....