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Jaguars vs. Packers: Dud Of The Week

A win is a win is a win....but despite that true mantra there were some disappointing performances this week and many strong contenders for Dud of the Week.

Andy Lyons

There are some big fish to fry here this week. As much as I’m defending the Packers and not worried about the team, I do have to admit that there were plenty of bad performances this week. Let’s just get going for our nominees this week….

QB Aaron Rodgers. I’m going to start fast with this guy. This may be controversial, but Rodgers just didn’t have a good game this past week. Now he still had some amazing plays and had a good game by most QB’s standards….by no means was he Christian Ponder bad….but that doesn’t mean that he had a good game for Aaron Rodgers. The most troubling was some of the poor decisions he made. Throwing to Jermichael Finley deep when he’s triple covered? Not good. Under throwing that ball? Worse. There were times when he ran when he should of checked down (the main example I’m thinking of he fumbled the ball as well). Times when he forced the ball down field instead of checking down. Once again he also just held the ball too long and took sacks he shouldn’t of. If the Packers had an ugly game it’s cause Rodgers had a down day…..the good news is that the team is learning how to win without Rodgers being perfect. And before you say it was just Jacksonville I’m going to give you two words: Kansas City.

LB A.J. Hawk. Oh Hawk….did you just forget how to tackle today? After weeks of wrapping up and bringing guys down with attitude today you decided to go back to your 2011 form. Nudge the guy with your shoulder and hope he goes down does not work in the NFL. The fact that you got soundly outplayed by a third string guy who is learning this position for the first year does not look good for you my friend.

TE Jermichael Finley. Good news for Finley…no bad drops today. Bad news for Finley…he was targeted six times today and only got two catches. Worse news for Finley….today his bad play didn’t look like the result of a lack of concentration, but rather a lack of ability. What happens to a guy who has kept his position on a team because he was the biggest and fastest when he’s no longer fast? Until this week I didn’t consider the fact that the Packers should move on from Finley after this year because I thought the big play ability was still there. If he can’t make himself open with his speed and physical gifts though then that big play ability isn’t there….and that makes him worse than D.J. Williams and Andrew Quarless. At least those guys can catch and block….Finley can’t seem to do either.

Anyone along the offensive line. The last few weeks I have chosen to highlight just one of these guys who was particularly awful. Then the rest of the comments section I defend my choice while people point out all of the rest of awful play the other four decided to trot out as well. Well no more! You just insert a name here. I don’t care anymore….they were all bad. So Marshall Newhouse? I’m down with that. T.J. Lang? Yeah he was his normal awful self too. Jeff Saturday? Craptacular as we have come to expect out of him this season. Josh Sittion? Yup, not his best effort. Bryan Bulaga? Always……always it seems this year. You pick, no matter who you select you are probably right.

K Mason Crosby. A thirtyish yard field goal is not a chip shot. It’s also not one you should miss either. Today’s performance was simply not good enough.

RB Alex Green. On one hand this is almost unfair to put him here. The offensive line has not been getting the job done. Also, keep in mind that he was never really supposed to be what they are expecting him to be right now. Green was drafted to replace Brandon Jackson. He was expected to be a third down back. You know, block, catch screen passes, be an option in the passing game. He’s actually developed in that role nicely. Then again, another game of under 3 yards per carry isn’t good enough either. That will land you on the Dud list every time….especially when you are getting 20+ carries a game.

P Tim Masthay. I’m not sure what lands him on this list more….that awful throw (seriously Ryan Taylor was open underneath for a much more makeable completion) or some of the bad punts he put up. There was some good in there too with his punting, but this is probably his worst all around performance of the year.