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Jaguars vs. Packers: Working Class Hero Of The Week

Special teams play isn't always glamorous, but fighting for the ball and giving some punishing blocks will win you working class hero of the week honors.


This week’s working class hero is one for the record books….well kinda. More to the point, he is a guy who broke a long streak for the Packers. The last Packer to score a touchdown off of a blocked punt was Tiger Greene back in 1990. Now the guy who has that honor is Dezman Moses.

Moses is a guy who is not getting many snaps as a part of the defense right now, but when he does you typically find him around the ball making plays. He’s rushing the quarterback, he hitting receivers in coverage, he’s making something happen. Of course this also has a way of drawing some sort of unsportsmanlike conduct on his part because he has hit the opposing player a bit too hard. As much as I don’t like players who can be a liability out there for penalties, it’s refreshing to see the Packers have the sort of defense that plays physical and draws that sort of flag.

This week Moses gets the working class hero of the week award for his play on special teams. Moses gets the highlight of recovering the blocked punt in the end zone for a touchdown. He also made some pretty nice blocks for Randall Cobb in the return game though. One of those blocks came with patented Moses nasty, knocking the wind out of the poor Jaguar that crossed his path. That sort of hard nosed play is more of what this team and earns him this week’s working class hero of the week.

Honorable Mention: Casey Hayward

Hayward didn’t get the big pick this week but he did show that he can bring dudes to the ground. Hayward was third on the team in tackles with 8 total and six solo. Not too bad. Typically this not a good sign for a corner to have this many tackles, but considering how many of them were screens that he shut down quickly I can give him a pass. Really it’s good to see him show the ability to get in there and get guys to the ground. Most of the time we talk about Davon House as the most well rounded corner, but if Hayward can continue to show this much ability in tackling and run support he may earn that honor….or even be a true heir to Charles Woodson.