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Around the NFL: Week 5 Schedule

Interested in other games around the NFL? Here is your breakdown of the other games taking place this week, including the renewed rivalry of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Jim Rogash - Getty Images

Obviously, you'll be watching the Packers and Colts as the early game this Sunday. But let's say that you're actually interested in watching other games in week 5 as well. What do you do? Well, here's your breakdown of the various games on the schedule this weekend. If you're outside the state of Wisconsin and are wondering which games you'll see on your local channels, check out the broadcast map from The 506.

Sunday, 12:00 PM Central

On your local CBS affiliate throughout the state of Wisconsin:
Cleveland Browns vs. New York Giants (CBS, DirecTV Sunday Ticket channel 709)

Also playing early:
Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals (CBS, DirecTV 707)
Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs (CBS, DirecTV 708)
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (FOX, DirecTV 705)
Atlanta Falcons vs. Washington Redskins (FOX, DirecTV 706)

Sunday, 3:05 PM Central

Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers (FOX, DirecTV 710)
Chicago Bears vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (FOX, DirecTV 711)

Sunday, 3:25 PM Central

On your local CBS affiliate in the Eastern half of Wisconsin:
Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots (CBS, DirecTV 713)

On your local CBS affiliate in the Western half of Wisconsin:
Tennessee Titans vs. Minnesota Vikings (CBS, 712)

Also playing late afternoon games:
Buffalo Bills vs. San Francisco 49ers (CBS, DirecTV 714)

Sunday, 7:20 PM Central

San Diego Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints (NBC)

Monday, 7:30 PM Central

Houston Texans vs. New York Jets (ESPN)