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Packers vs. Colts: Game Thread

Come discuss your Packers as they battle the Colts in Indianapolis.

Michael Hickey - Getty Images

Packers. Colts. Frustration. Jubilation. GIFs. FIRE MIKW MCMORON AND DUM CAPPERS. Half the community hating on Jermichael Finley and half sticking up for him. WHAARGLARRBL ZONE COVERAGE.

That's right, folks. This is your Game Thread for the Packers-Colts game. Game time is 12:00 noon Central time, from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Greg Jennings is out, but otherwise our team is pretty healthy. The same can't be said for the Colts, who are missing several starters. Jordy Nelson, James Jones and company should be primed for a big game against a secondary that's missing several key players.

The game is on FOX in Wisconsin, Minnesota and the plains states along with parts of Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri.

How will the defense handle rookie Andrew Luck and the Colts offense? We'll find out shortly. In the meantime, chat it up pre-game, discuss your predictions and hopes for the Packers this week, and be good to each other.