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Packers vs. Colts: Second Half Open Thread

The Packers need to get going early in the second half. Let's hope they can turn it around

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

The first half looked pretty good, but the start of the second half is starting to get a bit ugly. Let's hope the Packers can turn this around and finish out this game strong. If not it could be a long week going into next week's tough match against the Houston Texans.

So here's the open thread you all asked for....keep it clean or as clean as you can. Cause I know how all you guys and gals can role when there are bad calls against the Pack....and so far this officiating crew seems as bound and determined to make bad calls against the Green and Gold as so many have had in the past.

I also have to give credit to those looking forward to Mike Neal. He's had a pretty good first half and the Packers may need him more in the lineup depending on how the injury to B.J. Raji turns out.

Okay, hit the word limit. Enjoy!!