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Packers Injury Update: Raji, Benson, Finley All Could Play vs. Texans

There is some positive news trickling out from NFL sources on the state of the injuries that the Packers suffered on Sunday.

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Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Everybody seems to be going ballistic about yesterday's debacle in Indianapolis, but remember that there's another game to be played this Sunday against a very talented Houston Texans team. The Packers will need to be at full strength in order to be effective, and there's some promising news on that front coming out this morning.

First, a report from Kareem Copeland of indicates that the team does not expect B.J. Raji's injured ankle to be as severe as originally thought:

Raji is scheduled to undergo an MRI today, but a source with knowledge of the situation told NFL Network analyst Steve Wyche that no structural damange to the ankle was expected to be found.

Certainly this would be a big help for a Packers defense which relies on Raji to occupy blockers in the middle of the defensive line. However, Raji's injury seems the most likely to keep him out for Sunday's game against the Texans.

Cedric Benson's removal from yesterday's game is starting to look more like a precaution to prevent him from reinjuring his ankle after twisting it while being tackled in the first half. From Bob McGinn and Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Benson said he did not think he suffered a lisfranc sprain, which can take months to heal. "I mean, it could be a possibility, but in my opinion it's just a sprain," he said. "I was able to walk off and they say guys who have that type of things aren't able to walk off. They X-rayed it and it feels good."

Benson mentioned that he was removed from the game because the ankle swelled up too much after the injury took place for him to return to the game and be effective, but he also said that initial tests showed no damage to the ankle. More details can be expected after tests are run today.

Finally, Jermichael Finley also is optimistic about playing on Sunday:

"I'll be playing next week, for sure," said Finley. "I can feel it. I know if I'm hurt or not. I just didn't want to risk it going into the game and reinjuring it. I'll be back in Houston for sure."

I'm sure some frustrated Packers fans would rather see Finley sit out next week, but if he can play he'll likely be a big part of the team's gameplan against a very talented Texans defense.

We'll have more updates on the injuries as details are released this week.