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Packers vs. Colts: Dud Of The Week

It's time to take all that disappointment and rage and focus it on this week's nominees for Dud of the Week!

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It’s political season and if I’ve learned one thing from all the ads that I’ve seen thus far it’s the value of going negative. So let’s go negative. It’s time for Dud of the Week. In the past this has been the dwelling place of role players and guys on the fringes of the roster for the most part. That’s going to change this week. It’s time to go after some of the bigger names in Packer lore. Let’s cut to the hate and meet our nominees this week:

CB / S Charles Woodson – I think it’s time we pull the plug on Woodson being a hybrid CB/S. Let’s just make him a safety full time. There are two reasons for this….1.) his cover skills are all but gone now, and 2.) there is real value in letting the young corners grow. Sam Shields struggled again this week and teams are targeting him more and more. That said, his technique has come a long way and he’s still probably better than Woodson is at covering at this point. At the very least Shields will draw less PI calls. Woodson is still a pretty good tackler (although that’s starting to go) and can manage the deep part of the field. Let’s just move him and let Jerron McMillian move in to spell Woodson. It’s time.

TE Jermichael Finley – I like the offense better without Finley in the lineup. It’s not because of the drops or the attitude, or any of the reasons most of the Finley haters love to list out for why the Packers should move on. Rather, when D.J. Williams in out there the Packers have a viable option underneath and a good safety blanket for Aaron Rodgers. The trouble is that the defenses the Packers face do change up their game plan when Finley is in the lineup and it frees up other receivers….so I think we are struck with him. I still think it’s not a good sign when Williams has more receiving yards (20) with less catches (2) than Finley had when he was in the game with more catches (3 receptions for 11 yards). Especially since Finley is more of the deep threat option.

K Mason Crosby – I hate putting him up here. He missed both field goals this past week and hitting either one sends the game to overtime. Hitting both wins it. It’s a dome and he has enough leg to make them….then again 50+ yard field goals are never automatic no matter who you are.

WR Jordy Nelson – So many fans think that the NFL has figured out the Packers’ offense, that they have figured out Rodgers, etc. etc. I don’t think that’s the case, but I do think they have figured out Nelson. Or rather, that the Nelson just isn’t a number one receiver like say Greg Jennings. Nelson had a high number of targets yesterday but only two catches for 29 yards. That’s not good enough for a guy who is coming off a great year last year. To me he’s the personification of the disappointment our receiving corp has been and how inconsistent it can be. He’s good, just not great and sometimes can play very small.

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