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Green Bay Packers Midseason: Dud of the Midseason

This list of duds probably looks familiar. Despite it being a list of usual suspects there is still at least one new comer to the midseason nominees.


This list of Duds probably looks like a list of usual suspects. Pretty much all of these guys have been nominated at least once and most of them have one at least one….although I will have one surprise addition of a player who has not been named on a weekly Dud, but may just be a strong candidate in his own right.

Let’s meet the nominees….

TE Jermichael Finley – Is there anywhere else to start? Finley’s fall from grace has been one of degrees. First it was the knee injury in 2010. Then it was the drops in 2011. Now he is losing his place in the rotation and losing his snaps week by week. Fans have given up and the quarterback isn’t looking his way. Even more disappointing is how the injuries at WR should have opened the door for Finley to turn it around and become relevant again.

NT B.J. Raji – The most telling about Raji’s play is that the best defensive line performance of the season came when he was out for the game (at Houston). Right now he’s not getting a good pass rush and not anchoring the line as well as Ryan Pickett has when filling in for Raji. At some point I have a feeling that B.J. is going to be called before "The Bobs."

K Mason Crosby – He started the year just fine making his first five field goals. Since then though he has made five of his last ten. That’s just not good enough for a kicker. Missing one or two? That’s understandable...especially the long field goals…but this many misses is just inexcusable.

C Jeff Saturday – Last year he was considered one of the best centers in the league. This year, well he’s probably the weakest link along the offensive line…and yes that’s including Marshall Newhouse. It’s uncertain if he’s struggling because he is still trying to figure out the offense or if his skills have just diminished, but either way he is looking like a downgrade from Scott Wells and a player that the Packers will need to replace in the offseason.

Honorable Mentions:

CB Charles Woodson – Woodson has been great for the Packers and will be a first ballot Hall of Famer someday….but that day is not today. Old man time always wins and right now he is stealing Woodson’s ability to cover. It looks like Woodson will need to make a full time move to safety next year if he wants to hang on with so much young talent in the secondary.

CB Jarrett Bush – Why does he get an honorable mention? It’s not he was just bad when he started week 1…it’s that he was spectacularly bad. His awful play was so terrible that he was not only pulled the following week but has basically been forgotten about in all manners of defense. Thankfully that has pigeon holed him in an area where he is actually good…special teams. He can stay there.

LT Marshall Newhouse – Newhouse has been okay, but left tackle isn’t exactly the position you want to be just okay at. It is clear that when Newhouse faces off against an elite pass rusher that pass rusher is going to win more often than not. In the NFC North where Jared Allen and Julius Peppers dwell that is just not good enough.

RB Alex Green – This is probably unfair because in some ways Green has done exactly what is reasonably expected of him…..namely, being a third down back. However, the Packers needed him to be a feature back and he just has not gotten that done. He may develop into that back someday, but again, that day is not today and he just does not look ready to touch the ball 20 times a game.