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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for November 15, 2012

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on the Matthews injury, Rodgers' running, and Detroit's desperation.

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Gregory Shamus

Happy Thursday, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry I didn't have Cheese Curds yesterday, that 10 am USMNT game really threw me off my game. In today's edition of our (almost) daily Packers news and links, we have stories about the Lions' desperation, the Clay Matthews injury, and Aaron Rodgers' running.

Packers brace for desperate Detroit squad | FOX Sports Wisconsin

This is a truly huge game for the Lions. As you'll see in another story further down the page, their schedule is brutal. If they lose a home game to fall to 4-6, they're essentially done.

Packers want Rodgers to avoid getting his head scrambled | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Packers fans, start yelling like Bryant-Denny in "Forrest Gump". SLIDE AARON SLIDE.

Without Matthews, the stretch run gets harder | Green Bay Press-Gazette


Packers Midseason Grades: Defense | Jersey Al's

They're a bit harsher than we were in our grades, but I wouldn't call this column unfair.

More from around SB Nation

Football gambling goes big |

Did you think that the NFL requires meticulous and accurate injury reports in the interest of player safety, fairness, or informing the fans? lol, no.

The New York Giants are broken -- can Tom Coughlin fix them, again? | SB Nation New York

/looks at the other teams in the NFC East
//decides this question is pointless

Have Some New Broncos Forgot Where We Came From? | Mile High Report

The Broncos' D was awful not that long ago.

An Open Letter To The Falcons | The Falcoholic

Crowdsourcing, y'all.

Detroit Lions have toughest remaining schedule in NFL | Pride of Detroit

As referenced above. This is super rough.