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NFL schedule and open thread: Week 12

It's a light Sunday, thanks to the loaded nature of Thursday. This is your open thread for all early games.

Hannah Foslien

Happy Sunday, ladies and gentlemen. Your Green Bay Packers play later in the day, so you get your choice of a wide variety of games during the early and late afternoon slates. The biggest game for Packers fans comes at noon CT, 1 pm ET, when the Bears face the Vikings. While we're all feeling fairly confident about our standing in the NFC North at the moment, that game is still very relevant to us.

In late action, the 49ers are up against the Saints in a massive tilt. Somehow, New Orleans has pushed themselves back into the playoff race.

Schedule (all times CT)

Vikings vs. Bears - 12 pm, FOX
Raiders vs. Bengals - 12 pm, CBS
Steelers vs. Browns - 12 pm, CBS
Bills vs. Colts - 12 pm, CBS
Broncos vs. Chiefs - 12 pm, CBS
Seahawks vs. Dolphins - 12 pm, FOX
Falcons vs. Buccaneers - 12 pm, FOX
Titans vs. Jaguars - 12 pm, CBS
Ravens vs. Chargers - 3:05 pm, CBS
49ers vs. Saints - 4:25 pm, FOX
Rams vs. Cardinals - 4:25 pm, FOX

Chat away.