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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Packers Sliding

The Packers slipped a few spots in this week's rankings.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

In this week's edition of SBNation's NFL power rankings, the Green Bay Packers have dropped down to the ninth spot. The ever-vigilant Joel Thorman explains why the Packers slipped three places from #6 last week, while still remaining in the top 10:

Some games you just don't see coming. The Pack had won five in a row, including one over top-ranked Houston, so I did not expect a four touchdown beatdown courtesy of the Giants on Sunday night. Green Bay leads the Wild Card chase anyway. It also holds the current tiebreaker over Chicago after beating the Bears earlier this season.

It's encouraging to see that there isn't a major overreaction here. This is still a good team, and to be perfectly honest, I would rank Green Bay at this exact spot as well. There are major problems on the offensive line, and with the players that are banged up right now, it's tough to put them any higher. Fundamentally, I think that every team above them is better at this exact moment and every team below them is worse. It's tough for me to find any way to argue with this week's rankings.

Here are the slots for each of the other teams in the NFC North:

Chicago Bears: #7 (up 1 spot from last week)
Minnesota Vikings: #17 (down 2)
Detroit Lions: #19 (no change)