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Vikings vs. Packers: Fantasy Sit/Start Advice

Several Packers are worthy of starting this week, along with one particular Viking.

Jonathan Daniel

If you're heavily reliant on Green Bay Packers on your fantasy team, odds are that you didn't fare very well last week during that debacle at MetLife Stadium. The only Packer to really live up to his billing was Jordy Nelson, who had the long touchdown catch to go for 13 points. This week should see a different result, however.

No-brainer starters:
GB: QB Aaron Rodgers
MIN: RB Adrian Peterson

Rodgers has been known to bounce back from ugly games in a big way - does anyone think that he won't do it again? The Vikings' defense has been kind to quarterbacks this year too, as they're in the top 10 in terms of most fantasy points allowed to QBs this year. The return of Greg Jennings should be a big help for Rodgers, as his precise route running will be a much-appreciated skill this week.

Peterson has been a monster this season, and has only been getting stronger over the past 6 weeks or so. He's a matchup-proof player just like Rodgers, and with C.J. Wilson likely joining Clay Matthews on the bench, he could have room to run.

Start with confidence:
GB: WR Jordy Nelson, Defense/special teams

I really like Nelson this week. Antoine Winfield is still a very good slot corner at this point in his career, and he'll likely be charged with limiting Randall Cobb's impact on the game. Without any really good, experienced corners on the outside, I think Nelson could break out for a big game.

The defense should have lots of opportunities to turn the ball over this week, with Christian Ponder struggling at quarterback. If they can manage to bottle up Peterson or get an early lead, it's even better, because the Vikings have shown a tendency to abandon the running game if they get behind.

Consider other options:
GB: WR Randall Cobb, James Jones, Greg Jennings
MIN: TE Kyle Rudolph, Defense/special teams

See above for my reasoning on Cobb. I think he'll get several balls thrown his way, but I also think Rodgers and Mike McCarthy will adjust to the fact that he's been getting the brunt of opposing defenses' attention the past few weeks. Jones could have a good game much like Nelson, but he didn't have a catch against the Giants and is too inconsistent for me to really advocate starting (unless your other options are equally as inconsistent). It's certainly tempting to play Jennings this week, both because he's fresh off his injury and he has had some great games against the Vikings in the past. Look a little deeper though and you'll see that most of those big games have come in the Metrodome. Let's let him get back into the offense for a week and see what his role is before starting him.

Rudolph has two straight games with a score, but before that he recorded only one point in three weeks. With the Packers being stingy against the tight end, I'd avoid him unless there are no other feasible options.

As for the Vikings' defense, facing Rodgers after a poor performance on his part isn't a great idea. They certainly have the pass rush to force some sacks and a turnover or two, but don't count on them for a big day.

Worthy of investigation:
GB: TE Jermichael Finley

Finley had an okay game last week, catching three balls for 51 yards. The Vikings are also giving up around the league average to tight ends, so it's not a bad matchup. If you don't have a Jimmy Graham or another top-5 tight end, odds are pickings are slim. Finley could definitely be worth a look.

Leave on the bench:
GB: RB James Starks, Alex Green
MIN: QB Christian Ponder, WR Percy Harvin

This Packers running game is impossible to predict. I'd almost rather start John Kuhn over either of the tailbacks, because Kuhn would be most likely to get a goal-line touchdown.

Ponder has been really bad lately. Don't let him sniff your starting lineup, especially when playing at Lambeau. Harvin looked pretty rough in practice yesterday, according to the Pioneer-Press, and I would be very surprised if he plays on Sunday.