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Cardinals vs. Packers: Game time, TV schedule and radio info

It's been a rough start to the season for the Green Bay Packers and last week certainly wasn't pretty, but they can head into their bye week at 6-3 with a win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Scott Boehm

The Arizona Cardinals started this season 4-0, and recorded an extremely impressive away win against the New England Patriots. For a short period of time, they looked like a legitimate challenger to the San Francisco 49ers. Since that fourth win, they've dropped four straight, with last week's loss coming against San Francisco.

Arizona is still without Kevin Kolb, whose improved play helped them to three of those victories. Since John Skelton has become the team's starter again, they've seriously faltered. The Cardinals are not a good team right now, and the Packers should beat them at home.

Of course, that's exactly what we said about last week's home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are a demonstrably awful team. Even without all of Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, John Kuhn and Cedric Benson in the lineup, they should have moved the ball better. They shouldn't have let Blaine Gabbert fire Jacksonville into the game, and they did anyway.

Hopefully, the team learned from that performance. Jennings is still out and Nelson is a game-time decision, so there will not be a healthy superstar receiver rushing in to save the offense. Benson is out for the foreseeable future, so Alex Green and James Starks need to step up. If the Packers put in another performance like last week's, even if they come out with a win, a lot of Packers fans will head into the bye week very worried about whether or not they've been watching a playoff team so far this season.

Game date/time: Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, 12 p.m. CT

Venue: Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI

TV: FOX (local)

Radio: Full list of Packers radio network affiliates here.

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