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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for November 5, 2012

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on Aaron Rodgers' performance against the Cardinals, Clay Matthews' hamstring, and more.

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Happy Monday, ladies and gentlemen. I'm back to doing Cheese Curds every morning, and you should see uninterrupted service for the foreseeable future. In today's Green Bay Packers news and links, we have stories about Aaron Rodgers' performance, Clay Matthews' injury and the running game.

Rodgers said he didn't play well against Cardinals | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

His accuracy was a bit off at times, and his sub-50 percent completion rate shows that.

The good, the bad and the ugly | Cheesehead TV

Harsh on Starks, as bad as the fumble was.

Sitting at 6-3 at the bye, Packers like where they are | Green Bay Press-Gazette

And why not? They've performed well over the last four weeks.

Packers offense shares load for great results | FOX Sports Wisconsin

Rodgers, Starks, Alex Green and Randall Cobb combined for the team's best rushing performance of the season.

Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: Packers 31, Cardinals 17 | Jersey Al's

Agreed on Cobb as MVP of the game. Curious to see who else Devin nominates later today.

With history of hamstring problems, is Clay OK? | ESPN Wisconsin

I can't hear you lalalalalalalala.

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Recaps of every game.

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And, curtain on the Boys' season?

There's not a lot to be said here | Daily Norseman

The Vikings appear to be fading fast after a promising start.

GIF: Doug Martin's third long touchdown | Bucs Nation

Doug Martin is an absolute monster. He had over 250 yards and three touchdowns on the day. Here's a GIF of his longest effort.