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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Eagles at Saints

Open thread for Monday night's game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints.

Rich Schultz

Welcome to the Packers' bye week, everyone! On the first day of the bye, please come and join us for this week's Monday Night Football game.

Tonight's game features the Philadelphia Eagles heading south to take on the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome in Louisiana. The Eagles are coming off a tumultuous week following a 30-17 home loss to the Falcons. After this game, both Michael Vick and Andy Reid were left with little doubt that their jobs were on the line depending on how they performed.

The Saints, meanwhile, were blown out 34-14 last week in Denver. They have had much less drama following them this week but their record is 2 wins to 5 losses. Any more losses and it could be the end of the road for the Saints in 2012.

As always, game chat, predictions, and commentary are welcome.

Editor's note: Whoops, forgot to schedule this before I got on the train home.