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NFL Power Rankings: Packers stagnant despite activity around them ahead of Week 10

The Green Bay Packers didn't move in SB Nation's power rankings. Maybe their absence will make hearts grow fonder?


We're heading into Week 10 of the NFL season, and for the first time this year, I have a strong disagreement with the NFL power rankings over at our mothership. Joel Thorman, who does the rankings each week at SB Nation, has the Packers in 7th place, which is the exact same place that they occupied last week.

First, let's look at the explanation for their ranking, which seems like an accurate description of how good of a team the Packers are right now.

Four wins in a row. Thirty or more points in three of their last four games. In that four-game span, Rodgers has 15 touchdowns to one interception, which kinda tells the story.

Right! I think it tells the story of how good the Packers are right now as well ... I just seem to be reading a different story than Joel.

Obviously, these rankings are just for fun. We'll find out by the end of the season whether or not the Packers are actually a better team than anyone ahead of them, but I'm going to indulge in the fun. I'm having trouble making a case for the Giants and Steelers coming in ahead of the Packers this week. Given that the Packers are the hottest of the NFL's three-loss teams, and that both the Seahakws and Colts recorded excellent wins to go above .500 this week, don't the Giants and Steelers' bad losses and most recent games drop them below Green Bay?

It's just a minor disagreement, but I think that the Packers are the fifth best team in football right now. Based on what we expected from their talent coming into the year, where we see the teams going for the rest of the year, and how well they've played in recent games, they look a lot better than the Giants and Steelers right now. If the Packers were a field goal favorite over either on the road, I'm picking the Packers and giving the points.