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Packer Bye Week Injury News

What sort of news do we have for you during the bye week? Injury news of course! Injury updates on Diondre Borel (remember him?), Nick Perry, and Derek Sherrod.

Jonathan Daniel

Injuries, injuries, injuries. That seems to be the dominating news of the Green Bay Packers right now. Here are three bits of injury news to pass along to all of you with some initial thoughts on them…

1. Nick Perry has surgery on his wrist and appears destined for IR. Okay, this one may be a bit confusing so let’s go through it step by step. Perry injured his wrist way back in week one. He was playing through that injury until he injured his knee against the Texans. Last Sunday coach McCarthy mentioned that Perry was getting a second opinion, people thought It was the knee and that it was going to be very bad news for his prospects of playing this season. Then it turned out to be on the wrist injured instead.

Good news right? Wrong. It appears that Perry has had surgery on the wrist and will probably be shut down for the season.

So that leaves the Packers with a big hole in the OLB rotation. Perry has been a great pass rusher and opened up plenty of room for Clay Matthews to work. It’s not hard to notice that we started to complain about the slowing of the Packer pass rush once Perry went out. That’s also about the time that Clay Matthews stopped getting sacks at a record pace. The good news is that Frank Zombo is back and should be healthy. The combination of Zombo back, Dezman Moses stepping up, and Erik Walden continuing his improved play then the Packers should be able to get through this loss. But it’s going to hurt.

2. Diondre Borel is cut from the practice squad. Remember way back all those months ago when the Packers were going to keep six wide receivers based on the talents of Diondre Borel and Tori Gurley? Well now neither are with the Packers and neither have been able to make a 53 man roster. It may seem like this is a disappointment, but both of these players were undrafted free agents and practice squad bodies once you cut past the hype. It would have been nice to see them develop into stars in this league but that does not seem to be in the cards anymore.

3. Derek Sherrod activated off the PUP (report from the GBPG part of story on Borel). This could be good news or ominous news…either way it’s a bit surprising. For a few weeks it has seemed that Sherrod was heading for IR. Not exactly surprising considering how bad his leg injury was, and hopefully it game him to come back next year at 100% and ready to push Bryan Bulaga and Marshall Newhouse for a starting tackle job.

Now suddenly Sherrod is activated off the PUP. This means that he has three weeks to practice with the team before the Packers either make room for him on the 53 man roster or send him to IR.

The next part is where things get murky. This could be good news. It could mean that Sherrod is nearly ready to play this year. Right now it seems like the Packers need him and another healthy lineman with some potential would be great to have around. This could be bad news. It could mean that the Packers are getting desperate for offensive line help with the injury to Bryan Bulaga looking very bad. It could mean nothing as well. It could be a shrewd way of putting off a decision on Sherrod for a couple more weeks to give him a bit more time to get right. Anyway you view it though it is going to be interesting to see how it turns out.