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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for December 12, 2012

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today covering the running backs, the pass rush, and positive attitudes.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen. I've had a few days to process this weekend's game and it still doesn't make sense to me. The Packers were so unbelievably bad to start the game and it felt like a trainwreck in motion. Hopefully we're a bit more focused this weekend.

Anyway, we have stories today on the pass rush, the running backs, the plays that led to the Packers' first offensive touchdown against the Lions, and everyone's super duper positive attitude.

Pass rush fizzles without Matthews | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Yeah, as much as I like Dezman Moses, he's still an UDFA rookie. He's got a long way to go before he's even on Nick Perry's level. And Erik Walden simply is what he is at this point.

Packers players follow McCarthy's positive approach | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Everyone gets a gold star!

Running the triple option | ESPN Wisconsin

It's a play on words. We're not actually running a triple option.

Packers Drive Rewind: 7 Straight Runs Give Packers the Lead | Jersey Al's

Who needs Aaron Rodgers?