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Packers vs. Bears: Dud Of The Week

Mason Crosby is battling the yips again and missed two make able field goals on Sunday. Is he the clear cut Dud this week or does Ryan Grant and Jarrett Bush give him a run for his money?


The "Yips." When you deal with a sport that is really more of an art it can be the kiss of death to a career. Right now there is a strong candidate for Dud and he’s got the Yips….he’s got the Yips bad. More on that in a bit, but this is an issue that needs to be addressed….and soon.

Now there can probably be one solid candidate, but we love debate and options so you are going to get three candidates AND an honorable mention. It’s all about supplying value to you dear readers.

Let’s meet our candidates….

K Mason Crosby – Man I will be shocked if Crosby is not the Dud. He missed two field goals this week…both of which were very makeable. He’s missed a field goal in each of the last eight games. That’s 24 points that have been pissed away, including six this week. It’s hard to justify keeping a kicker with the Yips, especially as you are preparing for a playoff run.

RB Ryan Grant – The last time Crosby had a day this bad we just conceded Dud to him. This time though Grant actually Crosby a run for his money. Grant had 8 carries and 32 yards. Not bad right? Well one of those runs was a 14 yard gain and on that run he fumbled the ball which killed most of the momentum the Packers had. So that means the rest of his seven carries were basically garbage. Not exactly a great way to state that the Packers should of kept you around.

ST Jarrett Bush – I’m not even going to bother calling Bush a CB anymore…he’s not. He’s a gunner and special teams guy and supposedly the best one we got. So what was up with two holding penalties against him? Sure one wasn’t accepted, but that’s not the point. If you are a guy whose job is primarily blocking (which if Bush is mainly a special teams player that’s a large part of his job) then that many holding calls is flat unacceptable. You can’t justify your spot on the roster pulling things like that Jarrett.

Honorable Mention

WR Jeremy Ross – He’s going to be the scapegoat for that awful, awful lateral on a punt return. Why Ross? Cobb’s throw wasn’t bad. The play call was questionable, but I doubt we gripe about it as much if Ross catches the lateral. The damn lateral hit him in the hands…and then he didn’t even fight for it once it fell to the ground. Just a bad all around play. The only reason he’s not a full nomination is because he is a bottom tier receiver who should not of been put in that position…that’s just poor coaching. Still, poor coaching doesn’t excuse poor execution and so he still appears up here.

S M.D. Jennings - Not long ago I mused about the place of Charles Woodson when he returned. I was hesitant about S because Jerron McMillian and Jennings had played surprisingly well and wondered if it would be the best use of Woodson. I give in now....please get Woodson back there ASAP! McMillian was MIA on Sunday and Jennings was just flat out bad, missing tackles and struggling in coverage. For some reason Jennings has been getting more time than McMillian and I just don't see why...he's being either only acceptable or not very good...this week was the later.

Now there may be another nomination to make here. I’m always game for someone to write in Erik Walden as Dud, if only for principal. Plus there are always some good offensive line possibilities, but I doubt their bad performance matches quite up with Crosby or Grant. If you disagree take a moment and write in your candidate for Dud of the Week in the comments section.